School memories

Some memories from school that were discussed in one of the alumni get togethers in the October 2005


The Jayabalan Teaching Technique – Recalled by Swami


Swami’s experience with Mr.Jayabalan’s way of differentiating the consonant sounds in apna hindi was hilarious. There was this once when Mr.Jayabalan demonstrated that ‘Ka’ was different from ‘Kha’ and Swami was more than convinced. Ask me how? Mr. Jayabalan, actually asked Swami to place his hand right in front of his (sir’s) mouth and demo’d  the plosive sound of ‘kha’ with a blast of air mixed with generous amounts of saliva that bathed Swami’s palm (or so he claims)


The Scandalous Incident at Kurla Station  – Narrated by Swami, Harisha and Sajid


Now, hold your horses. Its not as vivid as you imagine. But I called it that, so that you will read along further! There was this once when Sajid, Swami and Harisha missed the last train outta town from where ever they were doing whatever they did, and had the only option to sleep on the platform benches at Kurla station till where they managed to reach. Sajid opted to doze off on the closest bench available while Swami and Harisha yearned for more ‘immoral’ exploits! It was wee hours of the morning which was when “lady” bar- tenders (as aptly named by Swami) return home. Swami and Harisha spotted one such and followed. Kahaani mein twist hai. The poignant moment of the situation was when they found that the woman turned out to be a Eunuch. ( Woo- Man!)


PS- Harisha claimed that he followed Swami to ensure he was safe!




Heres more sleaze!


The Legendary seedy sleazy BHEL Guest house Catastrophe– Recalled by Swami, with affirmation from Sajid


Ah! I bet you didn’t hear of it when it happened. But as legend has it ( Swami’s claim, again!), it has been talked about even today. As archetypal of Sajid (oh , you didnt know?), he was with his lady cohort in a guiltless discussion about the birds and the bees in a parked car. That didn’t cause the trouble he got into. The hitch was, that he chose to park in the environs of the BHEL guesthouse where a VIP was stationed- The then prez, R Venkatraman. The president’s security objected to his locale of choice and what followed were Sajid’s misfortune and a topic of our euphoric reminiscences!


PS- Sajid saluted Swami for his unbelievable supremacy in total recall!



The agile tutoring formula used by Mr.Susai Michael – Recalled by Arthi


I bet most of us in the group would have experienced this at one time or the other when Mr. Susai Michael was handling Chemistry. Or should I say, most of us who were not so inclined to learn the difference between methyl and ethyl alcohol. He once paced rapidly with such velocity to where I was seated and bent double to elucidate the dissimilarity- especially since I was busy wool gathering in the unknown zone.(Day dreaming,  for the uninitiated)


The Jesudass modus-operandi for Humiliation – Recalled by Ramarajan


Ramarajan did not mind securing zilch in his physics paper till the day Jesudoss decided to exhibit the scores on the notice board for the junior’s to see and scorn- to his utter disapproval! After all, what do rookies know!


The Infamous episode that made Bro.Paul anxious – Recalled by Mini and Arthi


And then there was this time when Mini and I jumped the main school gates after a PT session before sports day at the grounds outside school and were caught by the watchful fretty Bro. Paul (Peace be to his soul!). The damage was done when we pretended not to hear him calling us to stop dead on our tracks and instead sprinted across the ground hoping we would not be recognized. (Who were we trying to con- Mini was the shortest and I, the tallest from the junior school and we always hung around together!) .He unswervingly ordered for our parents to be at school on Day II to meet him at the ‘Prinici’s’ room.


Later, he anxiously enlightened our parents how misbehaviour leads to delinquency in grown ups! 


The class leaders (Pradeep, Paddu, George)


The group also fondly remembered the characteristic dexterities of some renowned class leaders like the mentioned. Pradeep with his way of allowing a minute to chat with your neighbour and not putting your name down on the list of ‘talkers’; Paddu’s compassion for class mates who did not want to comply with rules till the princi came walking by; and George’s  ( It was George right, Swami?) distressing habit of breaking into tears when the class didn’t comply!




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My daughters blog entries

My daughter who is seven this year, is savvy about blogs. She began writing some content a few months earlier to publish in her blog- which hasn't seen the light of day.



My Tracing Book

Today, I traced a picture from my TRACING BOOK. It was a   pig. When I finished it, I gave it to Kassi, an American. She has a little sister. And her name is . I actually gave it to Kassi to give it to . Kassi told me when saw a pig, she grunted. This time she actually didn’t when she gave it to her.


My Dance

I am in a dance for the ANNUAL DAY at school. There are seven teams in my dance. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven. My team number is four. COLOURS OF LIFE  is the name of my dance. I love being in the dance.



Kassi told me that lizards are our friends. They help us get rid of small insects flying in the house. I am not going to be afraid of them anymore.


The Cocker Spaniel Pup 

I was at airport to board a flight to , when I met a family with a cute cocker spaniel pup. It was so ,so ,so, so cute that I wanted him. His name was Simba. I carried him and took pictures with him.I can send you a few of them if you want some.


My Sports Day

I am practicing for my Sports Day, and I am in a running race and guess what? I CAME FIRST!! My friends came second and last. We had to do three things in the race. First, I had to colour a circle on a sheet of paper with a crayon. Secondly, I had to fill a bottle of water and lastly I had to thread a bead before I ran back to where I started.









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Kickboxing for fitness

An article I wrote in July 2006, when I signed up for KickBoxing classes.




It will not be an exaggeration to tell you that I was jealous of people who had the opportunity to stay fit even when they missed their hour long workouts at the local gym. Being “google” savvy, I would search for alternate fun things to do to stay in shape and that is when I learnt about Kick Boxing (among other things). I wondered when lesser mortals like me would even get an opportunity to try my hand or leg – as in this case! –

at it.


So, you can imagine my surprise, when I got back to my gym after a vacation break, which went on for almost three months, and found this huge monstrous bag hanging in the middle of the room next to the cardio section. For a moment I thought it was a figment of my imagination. See, I had been experiencing hallucinations for a few weeks by then. Having missed workouts for over 6 weeks, I was consumed by a feeling of guilt and remorse and it led to- hallucinations. Every time I passed a mirror, I could hear my body and the extra flab that was beginning to show at all the wrong places, snigger at me.


The hideous stuffed bag at the gym seemed to mock at me until I looked beyond what I saw – someone who looked like he was coaching someone else in …….. Kick Boxing!


When I gingerly stepped in to stretch and warm up, I pretended to ignore what was going on a couple of feet away though I was constantly watching the mirror images of the two people at work.


The Master must have whiffed my intrigue because he came by offering to tell me what was going on. He did not have to try hard to convince me to sign up. I had mentally signed in before he completed the whys and the wherefores! It was anyways time to pamper myself with a birthday gift (July being the month of my new natal year) and I asked myself, “Why not a KB class?” I heard every sinew in my body agree in unison and there was no looking back.


So here I am in my fourth week of my two month program in the art of ‘Kay-Beeing’ like I fondly call it, looking back at what I have learnt, am learning and will learn before the two months are done and feeling immensely satisfied with my decision.


I began practicing moving on my toes with hands on guard – to protect your face from the jabs you might end up having on your face if you didn’t ! – Unlike any other martial art that one learns, KB starts off right in the beginning with ‘real time’ skill learning. The master mentioned that it was not so in the earlier days. When he was a student himself, he had to sprint, skip on his toes and jog every day before he even shadow boxed. By the time he actually learnt to KB with bag et al, he was quite a pro in the theory and practice of movements.

In a  short term crash course for fitness alone, one gets to box with the dummy from day one (the bag weighs over 80kgs- ever tried punching someone that heavy?)


KB gives your entire body a cardio workout. The power of your punches improves with practice.  It is important to learn the method right. KB can improve your confidence levels, boost your inner strength and leave you feeling great to face the day!









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Sanitary Thoughts

This is a piece I wrote in lighter vein in the year 2005.

I had a close brush with an- Indian – American family. They gained this ‘ostracized’ status by virtue of living in the states for the last ten years. What prompted me to write this piece is my recent encounter and an acquired acumen on the behavioural patterns of this species.


I have become conscious of the fact that I have lost enthusiasm to entertain family at home. I would like to blame it on the sweltering heat of Chennai. I also think it is because of the transformation my nature has undergone thanks to being married to a man who thinks of socialising as a waste of time and vigour.


But if you have ever played hostess to a visiting Indian- American family, with first generation American kids, you will appreciate my state. Even if you did have any enthusiasm to entertain- despite the damned weather conditions and a socially doomed married life – the inclination to entertain may go missing after one such experience.


It was a fine afternoon when I was told that a  family would visit us the next day, as part of their ‘visit- the -lesser- mortals- of – this hemisphere’ trips. Naturally, when you haven’t met friends or family for a span of five years, you are blinded by the fondness one feels for people who you don’t meet so often and one often forgets the scars of the last visit and before you realize you have invited them to stay for lunch. So you will understand my predicament. It was a trifle too late to ‘un-invite’ them. They gracefully accepted and also offered to stay on till midmorning the next day.


The lady –  the raison d’être of this piece – is a mother of two very adorable kids. I remember days when she had just been married (I was in connubial bliss for two years then). Her language had become highly accentuated even before she went to the airport at Bangalore. She was rolling her ‘R’s’ and  exaggerating the vowel sounds. But over the years she lived there, she seems to have mellowed down, language wise. Her accent is sounding acceptably natural than earlier (at least I didn’t notice her straining herself) but what has also changed is her constant worrisome attitude about things concerning hygiene especially associated to her children (or so I thought!) If I had to recap the 24 hrs of that fateful day, this will turn into a marathon symphony, so I restrict to quoting and unquoting a few comments that my weary mind recalls of that day.


“ Lovely house. Does every room have a ‘paeteeoh’( patio)”-   referring to the balcony’s.


The troupe brought with them two bottles of boiled and cooled water and wanted it chilled in the freezer. I offered the ionised, double filtered water that lesser mortals like me drink, but she didn’t seem convinced that it was safe…not just for drinking, even for a gargle.


She kept floating around the kitchen, where yours truly was in the midst of assembling a lunch, with a very state of the art tablet cutter and I wondered aloud what it was.


“I have to feed my son his ‘an-tie- malarial’ (Anti malarial) that the doc recommended for him when we travelled in Indi-uh (India). “I had asked the pharmacy to cut it into quarters but they didn’t want to take any chances because they could be sued if it didn’t turn out to be quarters, so he offered me the tablet cutter”.


And like it was the first time she was going to administer medications to the toddler she said with distress,“ I have such a hard time every Friday when I have to give it to him! How do you advocate I do it?


I offered the ‘Aamras’ I had painstakingly made for them in a cup and supposed that it would mask the flavour of the medication.  “Ummmmm… tastes ‘aahsum’ (awesome). May I have some more?”


The toddler clung to a pack of instant noodles and kept nibbling on sections of raw, unprepared bits. Was that very healthy… hygienic, I wondered.  I noticed that the boy still wore pampers and commented on how he should have over grown them- not the size but the habit.  ‘He had, actually. Then there was this rash and the doctor suggested he take it easy and then he got back to his old ways’. The mother didn’t show the slightest of regret about her son’s ‘old ways’. It seemed to suit her fine.


Every time she changed the diaper, she put it into a plastic disposable bag that I imagined she threw into the garbage can. Again, according to her, a very hygienic practice. It was after she left the next day, that I found out where they were…propped on the windowsill of our terrace!


Then there was the ‘significant other’, who like every Indian male in the US always speaks of relocating to the country even though he remotely means it.


‘Tell me if I am wrong. I suspect that I would live fairly well if I made two lacs a month in India, if I have to send two kids to an international school here, spend on two cars and their maintenance, two hand phones, and a holiday once a month, plus grocery, help and sundry, and what have you.’


Just when I was gathering my wits to nod in the positive, the topic changed, thankfully.


‘Who wants to work in India? Its my country and I want to enjoy the place’. (Yeah. The rest of us are ill-fated fools.)





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Blast from the past

This is something I wrote in the year 2003. I had quite forgotten about it and recently found it while clearing "my documents"


Little facts about ME!


Its been 34 years since I have been around, forgive me if my memory is rustyJ GSR ( as I will be referring to my life partner) and I have walked this world together for about eleven years now. Another set of footprints have joined ours for the last four years now- Akank’s – That’s short for Akanksha which means desire, hope. We ‘desired’ her into our lives; and we ‘hope’ she is fine with us as her chosen parentsJ!


I grew up in Trichy. I am from the Class of 87 of (to be a link) – . I graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics from , Trichy and my post graduation from Avinashilingam University. I also possess a PGD in HR from IGNOU.


I worked at The Holiday Inn Bangalore, Jobtrack Management Services, Mumbai,  freelanced with  ITSpace , Stylus Inc, Value Notes.


I have lived in Trichy, Bangalore, Coimbatore , Mumbai, Chennai


I have travelled to a whole lot of places that it is not possible for me to list them hereJ


I love Friends with a huge sense of humour. Writing. Laughs. Good food.

I am addicted to keeping fit, friends who have time for me, Ryze, Blogging, My PC.


My weakness is best left untoldJ I am not an ideal example for a good time manager.I am sure my loved ones will tell you more hereJ GSR tells me I never give anything my 100%. He opines that I give up before I give “it” its due consideration. I argue. I am bent on proving him wrong. God help me.


My strength Akanks love, GSR’s trust, my whole list of friends, my self-confidence.

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