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Blast from the past

This is something I wrote in the year 2003. I had quite forgotten about it and recently found it while clearing "my documents"


Little facts about ME!


Its been 34 years since I have been around, forgive me if my memory is rustyJ GSR ( as I will be referring to my life partner) and I have walked this world together for about eleven years now. Another set of footprints have joined ours for the last four years now- Akank’s – That’s short for Akanksha which means desire, hope. We ‘desired’ her into our lives; and we ‘hope’ she is fine with us as her chosen parentsJ!


I grew up in Trichy. I am from the Class of 87 of (to be a link) – . I graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics from , Trichy and my post graduation from Avinashilingam University. I also possess a PGD in HR from IGNOU.


I worked at The Holiday Inn Bangalore, Jobtrack Management Services, Mumbai,  freelanced with  ITSpace , Stylus Inc, Value Notes.


I have lived in Trichy, Bangalore, Coimbatore , Mumbai, Chennai


I have travelled to a whole lot of places that it is not possible for me to list them hereJ


I love Friends with a huge sense of humour. Writing. Laughs. Good food.

I am addicted to keeping fit, friends who have time for me, Ryze, Blogging, My PC.


My weakness is best left untoldJ I am not an ideal example for a good time manager.I am sure my loved ones will tell you more hereJ GSR tells me I never give anything my 100%. He opines that I give up before I give “it” its due consideration. I argue. I am bent on proving him wrong. God help me.


My strength Akanks love, GSR’s trust, my whole list of friends, my self-confidence.

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