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Kickboxing for fitness

An article I wrote in July 2006, when I signed up for KickBoxing classes.




It will not be an exaggeration to tell you that I was jealous of people who had the opportunity to stay fit even when they missed their hour long workouts at the local gym. Being “google” savvy, I would search for alternate fun things to do to stay in shape and that is when I learnt about Kick Boxing (among other things). I wondered when lesser mortals like me would even get an opportunity to try my hand or leg – as in this case! –

at it.


So, you can imagine my surprise, when I got back to my gym after a vacation break, which went on for almost three months, and found this huge monstrous bag hanging in the middle of the room next to the cardio section. For a moment I thought it was a figment of my imagination. See, I had been experiencing hallucinations for a few weeks by then. Having missed workouts for over 6 weeks, I was consumed by a feeling of guilt and remorse and it led to- hallucinations. Every time I passed a mirror, I could hear my body and the extra flab that was beginning to show at all the wrong places, snigger at me.


The hideous stuffed bag at the gym seemed to mock at me until I looked beyond what I saw – someone who looked like he was coaching someone else in …….. Kick Boxing!


When I gingerly stepped in to stretch and warm up, I pretended to ignore what was going on a couple of feet away though I was constantly watching the mirror images of the two people at work.


The Master must have whiffed my intrigue because he came by offering to tell me what was going on. He did not have to try hard to convince me to sign up. I had mentally signed in before he completed the whys and the wherefores! It was anyways time to pamper myself with a birthday gift (July being the month of my new natal year) and I asked myself, “Why not a KB class?” I heard every sinew in my body agree in unison and there was no looking back.


So here I am in my fourth week of my two month program in the art of ‘Kay-Beeing’ like I fondly call it, looking back at what I have learnt, am learning and will learn before the two months are done and feeling immensely satisfied with my decision.


I began practicing moving on my toes with hands on guard – to protect your face from the jabs you might end up having on your face if you didn’t ! – Unlike any other martial art that one learns, KB starts off right in the beginning with ‘real time’ skill learning. The master mentioned that it was not so in the earlier days. When he was a student himself, he had to sprint, skip on his toes and jog every day before he even shadow boxed. By the time he actually learnt to KB with bag et al, he was quite a pro in the theory and practice of movements.

In a  short term crash course for fitness alone, one gets to box with the dummy from day one (the bag weighs over 80kgs- ever tried punching someone that heavy?)


KB gives your entire body a cardio workout. The power of your punches improves with practice.  It is important to learn the method right. KB can improve your confidence levels, boost your inner strength and leave you feeling great to face the day!









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