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My daughters blog entries

My daughter who is seven this year, is savvy about blogs. She began writing some content a few months earlier to publish in her blog- which hasn't seen the light of day.



My Tracing Book

Today, I traced a picture from my TRACING BOOK. It was a   pig. When I finished it, I gave it to Kassi, an American. She has a little sister. And her name is . I actually gave it to Kassi to give it to . Kassi told me when saw a pig, she grunted. This time she actually didn’t when she gave it to her.


My Dance

I am in a dance for the ANNUAL DAY at school. There are seven teams in my dance. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven. My team number is four. COLOURS OF LIFE  is the name of my dance. I love being in the dance.



Kassi told me that lizards are our friends. They help us get rid of small insects flying in the house. I am not going to be afraid of them anymore.


The Cocker Spaniel Pup 

I was at airport to board a flight to , when I met a family with a cute cocker spaniel pup. It was so ,so ,so, so cute that I wanted him. His name was Simba. I carried him and took pictures with him.I can send you a few of them if you want some.


My Sports Day

I am practicing for my Sports Day, and I am in a running race and guess what? I CAME FIRST!! My friends came second and last. We had to do three things in the race. First, I had to colour a circle on a sheet of paper with a crayon. Secondly, I had to fill a bottle of water and lastly I had to thread a bead before I ran back to where I started.









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