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School memories

Some memories from school that were discussed in one of the alumni get togethers in the October 2005


The Jayabalan Teaching Technique – Recalled by Swami


Swami’s experience with Mr.Jayabalan’s way of differentiating the consonant sounds in apna hindi was hilarious. There was this once when Mr.Jayabalan demonstrated that ‘Ka’ was different from ‘Kha’ and Swami was more than convinced. Ask me how? Mr. Jayabalan, actually asked Swami to place his hand right in front of his (sir’s) mouth and demo’d  the plosive sound of ‘kha’ with a blast of air mixed with generous amounts of saliva that bathed Swami’s palm (or so he claims)


The Scandalous Incident at Kurla Station  – Narrated by Swami, Harisha and Sajid


Now, hold your horses. Its not as vivid as you imagine. But I called it that, so that you will read along further! There was this once when Sajid, Swami and Harisha missed the last train outta town from where ever they were doing whatever they did, and had the only option to sleep on the platform benches at Kurla station till where they managed to reach. Sajid opted to doze off on the closest bench available while Swami and Harisha yearned for more ‘immoral’ exploits! It was wee hours of the morning which was when “lady” bar- tenders (as aptly named by Swami) return home. Swami and Harisha spotted one such and followed. Kahaani mein twist hai. The poignant moment of the situation was when they found that the woman turned out to be a Eunuch. ( Woo- Man!)


PS- Harisha claimed that he followed Swami to ensure he was safe!




Heres more sleaze!


The Legendary seedy sleazy BHEL Guest house Catastrophe– Recalled by Swami, with affirmation from Sajid


Ah! I bet you didn’t hear of it when it happened. But as legend has it ( Swami’s claim, again!), it has been talked about even today. As archetypal of Sajid (oh , you didnt know?), he was with his lady cohort in a guiltless discussion about the birds and the bees in a parked car. That didn’t cause the trouble he got into. The hitch was, that he chose to park in the environs of the BHEL guesthouse where a VIP was stationed- The then prez, R Venkatraman. The president’s security objected to his locale of choice and what followed were Sajid’s misfortune and a topic of our euphoric reminiscences!


PS- Sajid saluted Swami for his unbelievable supremacy in total recall!



The agile tutoring formula used by Mr.Susai Michael – Recalled by Arthi


I bet most of us in the group would have experienced this at one time or the other when Mr. Susai Michael was handling Chemistry. Or should I say, most of us who were not so inclined to learn the difference between methyl and ethyl alcohol. He once paced rapidly with such velocity to where I was seated and bent double to elucidate the dissimilarity- especially since I was busy wool gathering in the unknown zone.(Day dreaming,  for the uninitiated)


The Jesudass modus-operandi for Humiliation – Recalled by Ramarajan


Ramarajan did not mind securing zilch in his physics paper till the day Jesudoss decided to exhibit the scores on the notice board for the junior’s to see and scorn- to his utter disapproval! After all, what do rookies know!


The Infamous episode that made Bro.Paul anxious – Recalled by Mini and Arthi


And then there was this time when Mini and I jumped the main school gates after a PT session before sports day at the grounds outside school and were caught by the watchful fretty Bro. Paul (Peace be to his soul!). The damage was done when we pretended not to hear him calling us to stop dead on our tracks and instead sprinted across the ground hoping we would not be recognized. (Who were we trying to con- Mini was the shortest and I, the tallest from the junior school and we always hung around together!) .He unswervingly ordered for our parents to be at school on Day II to meet him at the ‘Prinici’s’ room.


Later, he anxiously enlightened our parents how misbehaviour leads to delinquency in grown ups! 


The class leaders (Pradeep, Paddu, George)


The group also fondly remembered the characteristic dexterities of some renowned class leaders like the mentioned. Pradeep with his way of allowing a minute to chat with your neighbour and not putting your name down on the list of ‘talkers’; Paddu’s compassion for class mates who did not want to comply with rules till the princi came walking by; and George’s  ( It was George right, Swami?) distressing habit of breaking into tears when the class didn’t comply!




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