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Movie review – Cloudy with the chance of meatballs

When my pal at the gym told me about it, I was not intrigued about the movie at all – I suspected that her narrative skills were not great.Plus I had not taken Akank out to a movie for a while so I indulged. Cloudy… started well. It was a story about a little boy who was different because he was always inventing things that did not really work. His mother is the only one that suspects that he is cut to be a scientist one day so she buys him a lab coat when he is
little.They live in a small town that is known for its sardines business. The story progresses to show the boy all grown up and working in his lab with gizmos and one such invention is a machine that makes food with water:-) The machine gets blown away into the sky due to an electrician surge and because of the water in the clouds it starts making food ( this one invention actually works!) So it rains burgers, icecreams, steaks, bacon, eggs and toast and the mayor of the
city starts advertising for tourism into the town! The mayor gets greedy and pushes the hero – our boy inventor – to order the machine to make more and more food and finally because it is overworked there is mutation in the genetic make up of the foods and so the machine starts making bigger steaks, bigger pizzas and enormous pies and they
show them raining on 3D at you!

Looking at so much food in 3 D made it not so interesting. But I guess Akank liked the idea that you could have icecreams outside your house to roll and slide in and throw snow balls with so I managed to tolerate it!

A few snapshots of what I liked about the movie!

There is this scene where the boy inventor makes a huge castle made of jello to impress his girl. Pure glossy orange ( did I tell you Orange is my favorite colour?) and absolutely bouncy too. It was pure magic:-)

The scene when the girl friend owns up that when she was little she was a nerd too and wanted to be a scientist but since she was ridiculed by her classmates she got rid of her glasses and lofty dreams and became a regular girl. Our boy inventor makes her wear glasses and makes her a hair scrunchy with the orange jello ( pure romance!!) and looks at her and calls her "beautiful"

Then there is this scene where the boy is on a mission to punch in the "kill code" into the machine in the sky to stop it from working . He carries the code in a flash drive which flies away into space by accident. He calls his father on a satellite phone and instructs him to download the code again and send it as a text. The dad who is technology challenged is totally lost when the son asks him to " look at the window" and " click with the mouse" and "drag across the desktop" which he does looking out the window of his lab, holds a live mouse in his hand and clicks its head and drags the poor mouse across the top of the desk!

Thank God for the pop corns:-) I remained sane!

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