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Movie Review – UP

Yesterday's movie was an overdose of 3 D movies. I did not know that UP was 3D too! So apart from the money spent on popcorns and coke, I also had to shell out on the hire of 3D glasses! Plus you are fairly warned that in case there is any damage to the glasses you are fined the cost of the glasses!  ( Movies have become mighty expensive outings now – A movie cost nothing less than Rs.300 a head if you do not include the to and fro costs! )

UP was an endearing movie. In the beginning of the movie, two little kids meet. They are both adventure seekers. The girl, the braver of the two ( but naturally!) has a book that is titled " My big book of adventure" that she shares with the little boy. She says " its my little secret that I have not shared with any one else…..all my life  (and she is six or something!). She makes the boy cross his heart to promise that he would not tell anyone else about the book.

I loved it when she uses a big safety pin to pin up a grape soda cap to the boys tee shirt and says " welcome to the adventure seekers club! " and they belong:-) . She shows the little boy a paper cutting of a waterfall in South America and says she dreams of going there. " Its America but …. the south" she says longingly!

I wish they showed more of the little kids. The next few scenes the movie plays in fast forward mode. (What I like about the fast forward mode – The man, Carl, is a balloon seller and he sells helium balloons for a living. Ellie, the lady,knots his tie up in the mornings when he leaves for work. So they show the many years passing by with Ellie knotting up ties of different colors and prints). The kids grow up to adults,they marry each other, make a house and name it " South America" and they picnic, they grow old. And the lady dies ( the little girl with the big dreams who grew up) All the time I expected the movie to rewind back to the childhood – expecting the boy to come out of his
dreams. But I was disappointed.

They show the old man and his lonely life till one day he gets upset with some people rebuilding the neighborhood. He gets annoyed with the tractor that knocks into the mailbox outside his house. (Why is the mail box special – This is another romantic piece in the movie where they show the man and woman paint the little mail box with their names.
(Carl and Ellie) When Ellie gets done, Carl removes his palm and finds that he has smudged the paint with a palm print next to his name. Ellie just shrugs off the whole thing ( where as I would have gotten upset!) and prints her palm next to her name!)

The old man, Carl, knocks the engineer who rammed into the mail box and the county decides that the old man belongs to a retirement home. He then decides that he won't go away so easily so he ties up thousands of colorful helium balloons to the house and the house lifts up into the air and beyond!

What follows is an incredible adventure, mostly unbelievable, a little boy called Russel who accompanies the old man, talking dogs and a rare bird called Kevin!

Talking about these will make the review too long. but Here is what I liked about Russel.

Russel is a boy scout who wants to earn his badge helping the elderly. He tells Carl, the lonely old man, " Can I help you cross the road? Or the garden? Or the porch? I have to help you cross something!" At some point when Carl suggests that they play a game to check who stays quiet for the longest Russel says " Oh, I know that one, my mom plays that with me all the time!":-)

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