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Review – This is it

MJ's This is it – watch the trailer – had nothing to do with anything else about MJ but his last concert. Actually all footage is of the practice sessions between March and June. The film began with some random two line interviews with the dancers that had come to audition for his on stage key dancers positions. Most of them young people who have always aspired to dance for the man. So naturally, they were all emotional , just being given the chance to audition meant so much to these people. ( Its a dream come true
said most)

Then they show the audition , with MJ sitting in the bleachers, watching, nodding, pointing and picking people he wanted. The entire film is footage from the video cameras that were at work during these sessions, without a voice over or commentary. So you actually hear what MJ says to the director or his dancers. So its all in bits and pieces with real voices, comments, laughs.

MJ changes into his flashy coats in each of his rehearsals. The – trademark studded glove on one hand is never there. He looks frail, cadaverous and wasted – not old. His eyes look ghostly – on the rare occasions he takes of his Elton John goggles. His hair is the only thing that makes him look nice. He wears his hat on and off during his rehearsals. I particularly liked it when he requested the key drummer and other musicians to wait for his cue. If you watch (Billie Jean) some of his videos you will hear these drum beats and special effects each time he snaps his fingers, turns, jumps or points his hand. Of course there was a lot of trademark MJ moves in the film – the moonwalk, his constant shake of wrist like he is trying to loosen up his joint, his crotch grab, his gyrating hip and his fantastic, restless, dance moves. Incredible.

At one point during his rehearsal, he says the chorus was loud. " It feels like someone is using his fist to plug my ear "in his usual soft voice.Then there is this time when the director tells him to climb on to the crane that will lift him off the stage during one of his songs when he says " Ok, I will" like a meek little boy. To his musicians he says " Lets do it one more time".  Every time they got the steps or music right he said " I love you. I really do". He says ' " I feel so blessed to give back something to the world. When I write these songs I give some sense of hope to people… " Ask MJ fans around the world and they will vouch for that!

The director says to everyone on stage," We are all here because of him… may it continue… with him leading the way" The press footage where Michael says  – "This is the moment. This is it". It is so poignant. My heart went out to him. Felt sorry that he was not given that one last chance to rock ( or Pop, as the case may be) the world.

It was worth being there. And it is going to be a special memory for more reasons than one- It was MJ's last and my first ( movie by myself in 40 years!)

Some of the songs they showed in full during the movie –

Annie are you ok
Billie jean
Don't stop till you get enough
Smooth criminal
Man in the mirror
Earth Song
Black or White
They don't really care about us

RIP, MJ. Love you too!

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