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Art Class 4 – Perspectives and Proportions

Victoria talked about Perspectives and proportions today.

Last class she had asked me to cut and keep aside a few pictures of interiors and exteriors of buildings. Not being able to decide which ones will do justice (I was unsure what she wanted me to do with them- Knowing Victoria's style of working with me, she would have chosen the most complex 3D picture of a sitting room and then she said-"Sketch!") I refrained from cutting them out of the magazines. Today I learnt about perspectives while viewing pictures. Victoria showed me a "one point view" where all the lines in the picture converged to meet at a single point anyway you looked at it. It was the first time ever, I heard of any thing like that! And what an interesting point of learning that was. Then I had to skim through the magazines and identify other pictures that had the same view.

That done, Victoria challenged me to sketch roughly ( News flash Victoria All of my sketches is rough, so don't stress on the rough word!) a little bamboo plant that was on the table. So I began sketching the shoots and the leaves the way I perceived them. When I was almost done, she asked me to draw a small square and draw the proportion of the plant to the pot in which it was. She taught me how to measure. She made me close an eye and hold a pencil at arms length and measure the pot and with that measurement to find out how many measures of the pot was the plant. Now I realized that she was making me understand the importance of proportion. Then I had to measure Vic's ( for want of a shorter name) head and match it proportionately with the rest of her body. ( She measured 1: 5 sitting and 1:7 standing)

Then Victoria quickly cut out a 4X4 white chart and cut a 1×1 frame within it. She said it was going to be my frame through which I will view anything I want to draw. That sounded like fun. So I quickly viewed the world around me with the frame. I caught parts of the plant; part of Victoria's nose, eye and hair, part of a stool.  Really, this was fun. I began to comprehend the idea behind viewing through the frame. You can actually see only the part of the world around you, that you want to capture and not the unnecessary parts and extensions. As days go by, Vic tells me I would not need to hold the physical frame. I will anyway get used to looking at everything through my " mental 1 x 1 " frame.

Then I had to randomly sketch a few things around the house to show Vic ( Man, she is a task master!) if I had understood the idea of proportions. So I chose a bedside lamp, water bottles, a fold able picnic stool, a nightly cream bottle, laundry baskets and showed it to her. She liked my rough sketches of the water bottles and picnic stool. 2 out of 5 is not bad..

My home assignment – three captures of a money plant in a bottle, a few rough sketches through my frame view, and ID a few more pictures with one point views..

And please be warned -  the next time I don't notice your new hair cut or clothes, you know it was out of range from my "1 x 1" frame.

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