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Art Class – Progress to Oil Pastels

Since the last class on Friday, I have been quite about my art – I guess there was a reason behind it. I was beginning to lose focus. The art teachers insisted that I keep sketching things regularly. Rough sketches but they had to be in proportion. The few that I did, did not look right to me. They were in proportion but larger than life. Thats something I have noticed about my drawing skills from earlier on. I am able to reproduce a picture but never on the same scale. Not smaller; larger. ( Yeah, aside from the fact that I am a large person, large at heart and have a large group of friends
and larger well wishers, I never intend for my drawings to be large to personify me) That primarily was the cause for the dwindling interest factor from last weeks art class. I did sketch bits and pieces but was not happy with the outcome.

So when Vic and August showed up this afternoon, I talked to them about it. They looked at my work and smiled. I fail to read the message. At the end of it, they said I have to keep at it – the rough sketches are the only way to get better at what I want to be good at.Fair enough. I shall rough sketch again this week and the next and week afters too till I run out of subjects to rough sketch.

Today I had to draw a basket of vegetables and shade them. The blackand white 'rough sketch' of the veggie platter did not take time but the shading killed me. I had to look at gradation in colours and identify the highlights ( these are white parts , highlighted by natural light). By the time I got done I was exhausted! Then I had to do my first gradation in shading with oil pastels. My spirits soared. Finally some colours in my black and grey art world. I suppose the art
teachers smelled out my waning interest and introduced the colours before I backed off from the classes – which by way of clarification, I did not to set the records right. I know I have a reputation ( at least the family thinks that I don't really do anything for long) and I am bent on proving them wrong. So help me Vic!

The colouring took a lot of effort. I understood the need to be good at black and white sketching before one can move to colouring with oil pastels. For whatever it is worth, check my output –

Artclass 001Artclass 002

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