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More practice with oil pastels

Things have become a lot slower at art class – atleast seems so. The last class was about using water colours. What I learnt is that the 'poster colours' we used as kids at school is different from the water colours that I used at class now. August tells me that the beauty of water colours is that one can make millions of shades of colors with just three basic colours – red, blue and yellow. He even showed me how to mix proportions of water to a tiny blob of color to make it different everytime.

Then there was this session where he showed me how to take care of the brushes. Not without telling me the different types of brushes there were and how to store them. So the class mainly revolved around learning to mix colours and using a size 6 flat brush to paint a thin line without having to resort to a size zero brush.

I have to still practice the art of shading with oil pastels. I need loads of practice with that one before I move to learning another concept with colors. But colors have added an interesting dimension to the process of learning.


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