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Exposed – Simple trick to get your proportions right!

I knew from the beginning that I was not getting my proportions right. What I did not know was WHY I was getting them all wrong!

My art teachers finally shared a simple trick that will help me get drawings done to scale on paper. When I asked them why they had not used earlier opportunities to let me in on the trick they justified saying that they let the 'artist try evolving ways of their own and letting them know any earlier would cramp their style'. Well, they finally gave in, and usually do, when proportions-challenged people like me sign up to learn art!

Its pretty simple, if you come to think of it.

What I did  till date -  I would scrutinize the object to be captured and start at any point that I deemed fancy. The picture would almost always be out of proportion and never perfectly aligned to the center of the page. Then after a lot of corrections ( which involved erasing and re drawing parts), I would almost get it right- only almost.

The trick – You identify the center of the object that needs to be captured and the center of the page on which it is to be drawn. Then begin from the center and draw an overall outline of the object before getting into finer details. Once you capture the outline of the object, filling in the finer details is all you have to do.

What I will begin doing from now -  Follow the trick! Here are some outlines that I randomly captured of a few veggies that were 'arranged' for a 'composition'.

The new trick used to draw thisCaptured using 'The trick'

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