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Water colours

I have not been regular with my art class updates because I haven't been regular with art class!

I have progressed to water colours though. First my tutors taught me the various techniques in water colour. Only now I realize how unaware I was about water colours. Water colours need more water than colour. You have to paint the shades in, one layer after the other instead of using bright colours at the beginning. My art teachers tell me that I must learnt to make all the shades and hues of the colour wheel with just the primary colours.

My first water colour experiment was coloring a capsicum.I love the shade of red and orange in the capsicum so I chose that. I arrived at the final colour of the capsicum, with a judicious use of,  ochre, lemon yellow, vermilion and scarlet red. The final product was ready after 45 minutes of work! It was then I realized that using water colours was not easy. One not only needs to understand the shades of colours but also the quality of boards that you use for the painting. I am told some boards absorb more water than the others. Depending on the type of water colour you want to paint, you choose the board.

WaterColour -RedCapsicum
WaterColour - The hazy driveway
WaterColour - The meadow

My second experience with water colour was with another technique called 'wet on wet'. In this technique, I paint the board that I have chosen, first with water and before the board dries up, I paint the first colour. I painted a landscape using this technique. As soon as I used the blue for the sky, on the wet board, the colour spread automatically to give it a natural cloudy sky look and feel. Before I used the next colour, I had to wait for the blue to dry so that it does not mix with the second colour I used.

I enjoyed using this technique with water colours so much that I painted one more landscape later. This technique makes the picture look natural and is best suited for landscapes. Even a first time painter will experience such a thrill when the final picture looks like this!

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