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Proportions and water colours


I went back to proportions last week. It had been a while since I had drawn anything so it was a good thing.  Augustine and Victoria asked me to look around the room and pick a subject that caught my fancy to capture onto the sketch pad. From where I sat, I saw the wall opposite me. It had a photograph of painted flowers. I didn’t think that would be interesting. To capture a picture of someone else’s capture! My eyes moved on from the photo to the corner of the room.  This room that I sat in was cluttered with stuff that have been left in their packed state. There were recently acquired paintings, a carton filled with more paintings, and a large brown paper wrapped hand knotted silk on silk Kashmiri carpet. It looked like I had found my objects of desire.


I also added an open shelved library with all of Akank’s books on one wall and part of the curtain on the other wall, to add perspective to the overall picture. It took me about half an hour to come up with a capture that did not entirely meet my art teachers’ approval. When I looked at it after their feedback I realized that I had begun the book shelf the top of the curtain at the same height instead of showing a difference that there was in real.

I attempted the same picture from another angle and equipped with inputs that I got from my art teachers, this one turned out to be a better capture.

 My follow up class last week was to use water colours on the same drawing to show the depth and highlights of the picture using water colours.


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