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Acrylic on canvas – finally!

It seems I have made quite some progress since my first class in November 2009. My art teachers finally decided that I was ready to try out acrylic on canvas this week. I had a list of things from them to shop before my first attempt. I picked an easel, paints, brushes and another palette. They warned me that acrylic paints dry fast and that I had to watch out for unclosed paint tubes and bottles. My first acrylic subject was – no points for guessing – vegetables.

I chose an orange, a radish and a capsicum. The final version here shows an apple. To cut a long story short, it was replaced since I did not have the colour chrome yellow which was critical to capture the coloration of the orange. So Augustine replaced the guilty orange with an apple. It was hard work. First of all, this was the first time I was drawing anything using an easel! So to draw at the angle that it was precariously kept was a strain on my wrist. Victoria kept reminding me that I should avoid supporting my wrist against the board. At the end of the sketch I realized that I had made deep impressions on the canvas with my pencil. I was told that I had to use the paints as an opaque medium so as to camouflage the pencil lines.

The final piece looked like a dream. Even though a trained eye will find only flaws and no great artist will be fooled, for me it was nothing short of a masterpiece!

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