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Rewind Circa 1990

It was obvious today more than ever how things have changed over the years. Today I met and interacted with four dozen 20 year olds at a local college. We had one thing in common between us. The year 1990. They were born the year I graduated. The similarity ended right there.

The 20 year old from 1990 is a technology savvy woman of today. She networks, blogs, browses, greedily reads updates on subjects that interest her, shares memories of a pre- internet era with her peers, has the best of both worlds.

The 20 year old woman of today is a confident, no nonsense, I-know-what-I -want-from-life person. Exposure to global lifestyles, choices, products, and the internet seems to have made its indelible impact. A far cry from the 20 year olds of the 1990's.
Despite the ubiquitous internet in everyone's life, these women seemed not to use the internet much except for social networking. They knew of Orkut and Facebook. Beyond that zilch. I expected them to be active bloggers. I was surprised not many were inclined to writing anything at all, leave alone in a blog.

Fast Forward to Circa 2020. When the bunch of today's ten year olds , that include my daughter, will have grown up to be 20 year olds.The world is at their feet. Only time will tell if they will be a different crop.


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