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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I got a message today that March 1st week is celebrated as a week to write an appreciation letter to a person who brightens my day, helps me out or does little things in my neighborhood or the larger community. I will be doing a HUGE injustice to the people in my life if I do not appreciate everyone for the many things they do to make my life happy,comfortable, peaceful and loaded with blessings!

So here is to all my friends who have made my journey called life a worthwhile experience! I love you all!

And here are a special few that I have to mention.

GSR, for trusting me, loving me despite my faults, for being there to share my life, thank you!

Akanksha, you gave me meaning to my life. I love you for being the reason for all my happiness in life. You make life seem like a string of events to laugh and blog about. Thank you!

Ma, For being my best friend for the last 40 years! Thank you!

Arun, for putting up with me for 23 years under the same roof and making it sound like fun , thank you!

Chaks, for all the laughs and lovely memories, thank you!

Jiten, for the insights and the wisdom on anything on Earth, thank you!

Nair, my wonderful friend, without you life would have been one colorless canvas. Thank you for  the laughs!

Rajen, my mentor first and always, my best friend and confidant, thank you!

Hema, you are a source of inspiration, strength, fortitude. Thank you for being you!

Janhavee, I know you wish me well always, now and for evermore, thank you!

Jiya, for the enthusiasm and encouragement to do stuff and telling me that I was worth emulating for confidence and assertiveness, thank you!

Meena, you proved that people in the family CAN be wonderful friends! Thank you for that and the many cups of cabbage soup we shared!

Corinne, thank you accepting me as a friend despite my colour, religion and cross cultural differences!

And to all the people in my life who have helped me become a better person and constantly remind me that I am not perfect, a BIG thank you!

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