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Day 10 – Florence to Sienna

We drove to the medieval town of Siena in Tuscany which is also the territory of Chianti ( Pronounced Kiantee) wines. The drive through the mountainous terrain was picturesque. Siena, like the other towns and cities of Italy that I am now familiar with has its share of beautiful squares, buildings, churches and alleyways.. The Cathedral of Siena was another magnificent building. The pictures I will share with you (hopefully soon) will tell you. The reason I am not able to download pictures now is a) My Panasonic has a faulty battery and does not charge- I am still figuring if its the battery or the charger that went bad and b) the other camera is GSR's and it is his new canon D 90 and I am not familiar with it yet.


It was cloudy some part of our drive and even drizzled a bit en route but when we got there, it was a beautiful, sunny day. We walked about Siena and plonked at the main Piazza or square called the Piazza  del Campo. The town was buzzing with activity and there were people milling around the whole place. We shopped a little and walked a lot. We grabbed a slice of Margherita on our way back and sat in a little garden for lunch. This is the first time in our long trip to Italy that we decided to ' rough it up' at lunch. We drove back in beautiful weather too. The clouds got darker and heavier and it began to pour on our way back.


The men decided to stay back in the room while Mamy and I went back to tour Florence in the hop on hop off. We went on an hour long tour of Florence and saw parts of Florence that we would never get to see otherwise. The ride on the topless bus was chilly and a very memorable experience. Thankfully the rain had stopped long enough for us to enjoy the ride and began again as we got off. When we finally got home walking, we had stopped to shop a bit too. So it was worth getting a little damp from a slight rain. I wonder if I would felt this way about getting wet if I had not had the opportunity to stop and shop. But then again, that was never going to happen with two women let lose with Euro's in hand.


Our dinner tonight at Cibero (Pronounced Chiberrro) was fabulous. You have heard of saving the best for the last. This ranked close to the saying. The meal was delightful, the ambience in the restaurant pleasant. Top it with a few glasses of Chianti ‘classico’ and flourless chocolate tart. SINFUL. Hey, we are on a holiday, if not now, then when.


Signing off for tonight, Tomorrow we go to see Michael Angelo's David. Then we get ready to leave Italy for Singapore.


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