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Day 4 and 5 – Walking tour of Verona and Sirmione

The walking tour of Verona was an amazing experience. Even though it  was raining throughout our 3 hour trip we did everything we had planned to do. Franchessca, our hostess for the morning was a friendly young local with better spoken English skills than Alessandra. We toured on foot and saw all the major landmark squares of the city. We got back to the Byblos for lunch with the spouses who had had yet another long session in the conference hall.

We were later taken on a tour of the latest Kemin facility at is being constructed here . We drove for an hour and a half to reach the facility and the group was taken on a little tour of the incomplete building of the Kemin facility that is going to specialize in flavourants for pet food. It continued to pour through the afternoon and early evening. The best part of the evening was a tour of a Winery and dinner at the castle of the vineyard. Which meant more wine than anyone can handle.

But dinner update has to wait for now. Today is Day 5 and the last day of our stay at Verona. The spouses are all set to visit Lake Garda. More about my visit to the lake and dinner from last night in the next  update.


Day 5 – Sirmione

Sirmione was a beautiful village town that had just one big medieval castle – The Della Scala – and about a hundred Gelato outlets. And to think I did not get an opportunity to have one. The entire town has beautiful villas that are usually second houses to most locals. This is where they built a weekend place to get to when they got bored wining and dining in their own little houses in the bigger cities. Sirmione grows a lot of lemons. So you can imagine the curios shops selling lemon based everything. Soaps, perfumes, candle sticks, liqueurs (heard of Limoncino?), magnets, ceramic tiles and other knick knacks. They even had stores selling lemons exclusively and you have to see the size of the lemon to believe it. Sirmione is supposed to be the most humid climate wise and there we were all shivering from the chill of the day.

We passed green vineyards on our 45 minute drive by bus. The Castle was a sight situated on the Lake Garda with it being a beautiful day with blue sky and white fluffy clouds and add to that the commentary by Alessandra, our Italian speaking Spanish hostess.

“The meeleethaary beelt sthrucchures in heesthoricaal timesuh.Theese therithorys were zmall and the inhaabithants in ceetees came to grow veenyaardsuh. Tooreesm in the beegeening was naathin. Now goodh. Oviously deefeecul economical possibilities. Tooris developed couture for lakes, more presenceuh of Austrians and Germans. People from America a few but they comeuh. Complex of lakes, mountains created from deep of the grounduh, oviously there were glaciers that modified into beeg lakesuh of which Lake Garda is one. Pipl come-un, have goodh weatheruh, fun parksuh, faameely lakes: seembol of the town is two eels parallel. Eet ees fourbeedhen to beeld taller than three floors. Zmall cheeldren nurmaaaly come for camping sites.”

Whew. Can you imagine listening to that language style for three full hours. And you thought I was having fun. We passed another vine town called Lugaana that made wines especially for the Vatican. Who would have thought the Pope ordered wines. Sirmione has hot water springs though we did not go to one. June to August seems the best time to visit this place, if you ever plan a ‘veeseet’.

So much for today.


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