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Day 7 – Milan to Turin

After a big breakfast spread at the Hotel Mediolanum,  we drove to Turin. We had decided to do the scenic route through the little villages en route than take the highway. Little towns and villages that we passed by during our drive gave us the flavour of local life around the country. We reached Turin around lunch and checked into our hotel. It had been fine weather till we reached. I froze to my bones when I stepped out of the car.

We warmed our little toes and fingers for a bit and stepped out to explore Turin. Our experience with the City Sightseeing bus in Milan told us that that was the best way to tour the city of Turin with the weather being so chilly and cloudy. We parked at the hotel and walked up to the central square to take the tour. Just like predicted it began to rain.

The whole of the afternoon we did two trips one of the contemporary Turin and the other of the Historical Turin. No points for guessing which was more exciting. Only when you know the history of the place you can really begin to understand how the city has evolved into the modern day version.

After our tours, we got back to the hotel for a break and stepped out for a long walk to find out where we had to be tomorrow for a viewing of the Shroud of Turin. It turned out to be a nice long walk across town. The best part of the walk was the dinner that we had decided to have at the end of the evening at a Pakistani run Indian restaurant. I had had my share of Pizzas and Pastas for the last ten days that I was dying to eat some naan and dal. Which is precisely what I ate at the restaurant.

Tomorrow we are due to be at the Cathedral of St. John at 10am. For more on the Shroud read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shroud_of_Turin

We drive our last leg of the trip to Italy tomorrow. We plan to drive to the South of Italy. Florence.

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