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Day 8 – Visit to the Shroud of Turin

Even though we had tickets to visit the Shroud of Turin for 10 o clock today, we were advised that we better get there early to beat the crowds. We had already walked the path to the cathedral that housed the shroud last evening so that we got the hang of what distance to commute. We took the tram till the church and walked the last leg to where the queues began.

I have to tell you this. There were thousands of people that had traveled far and wide to reach the Cathedral early in the morning. It’s a pilgrimage for the Christians of the world, like you would have read from the link I sent you with my last update, and Christians from all walks of life from World over were queuing up for their turn to take a glimpse at the Holy cloth that wrapped Jesus of Nazareth after his crucification. What was spectacular was the behavior of the crowds that had gathered. There was no commotion, despite the fact that there were so many of us. There was no jostling, pushing or messy queues. People somehow seemed to understand that their turn would come and there was no point in rushing people ahead of us. I can tell you from experience that we, as a race of Indians will never behave this way.


The drive from Turin to Florence took us about 5 hours. We stopped for lunch on the way here. The landscape changed from farms on plains to mountains. I lost count of the number of tunnels we had to cross too. The weather is chill and partly cloudy. We walked around the City of Florence , saw a few old medieval buildings, David by Michael Angelo, the River Arno. Today we take the train to Pisa.  


More when I get back. From Pisa.



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