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Day 9 – Florence to Pisa

Casa Ravoi, the place we stay at Florence is a 12th century building. Casa Ravoi is a small apartment that serves as a bread and breakfast – Europe is full of them. We are on the 3rd floor of the building,. All the guests have their own keys to the apartment building. The lady that is incharge, Ariaanah, inherited this apartment from her great grand parents.It has basic ameneties, Internet and water.They serve us a frugal breakfast ( any food without wine seems so frugal to me these days) . The warned us to be careful using the towels and linen in the rooms since they had no intention of giving us fresh laundered towels every morning.


Pisa was only an hour from Florence by train. We left at half past nine and got back by five in the evening. At Pisa we walked from the station, to the Cathedral, the baptistery, the cemetery and bell tower which the world over is known as the leaning tower. I had always seen it pictures and being there seemed so surreal. We even climbed the 180 feet tower. The marble stairway inside tilts to one side and makes climbing an experience. There was not much else to do at Pisa so walked back to the station from where we had to take a train back to Firenze or Florence. We got a little mislead and had to walk a whole block around and finally got to the station to take the 4 pm train back home. It continued to drizzle on our way back so we had to have our one Euro raincoats on us from getting ourselves wet.


The men wanted to chill while Mamy and I went out to shop. We went to the a few local stores around where we stay and got home in time for a lovely dinner at one of the local Tuscany diners where we had made a booking for the evening. We had some of the best local delicacies and some Chianti Rosso and Bianco Wino. For dessert there was Tiramisu and chocolate cake. It was pure sin. The men washed the diner down with an aperitif Grappa and some espresso.


My legs have done more than their share of walking today and they need a wll deserved rest. Tomorrow morning we drive to Sienna.

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