What women want

I am no women’s libber and I probably am not the best person to tell you what women want. But hey, I am woman. I have wants. That is enough qualification to blog about what women want.

It is easier to understand what women want if you break it down to wants pertaining to different periods of life that a woman is in. So for ease of understanding and also keeping the blog post short and readable I am going to classify a woman’s wants into five phases.

The School going woman (girls)- This is when a woman is in the guiltless, innocent phase in life. The women in this phase are in the age group of 4 to 16. The wants of women in this phase is largely driven by what peers own at school. Earlier days it stopped at fancy erasers or pencil boxes but women these days are very competitive and want fancy birthday parties, branded clothes and McDonalds dinners every other weekend. Women in this age group also want to meet Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. When they reach the formidable teens they also want the ipods, iphones and ipads . This woman wants to be praised for her school achievements, her choice of friends and for the fact she did not bring an unfinished school lunch.

The College going woman–  In the earlier days, a woman in this phase from ages 17 until 22, was used to being indulged by the fathers and older brothers and so she knew she could pretty much have anything she wants. So she wanted to choose the college she went to, the clothes she wore and how she wore her hair. She wanted to choose what books to pick at the library, what music to listen to and who to hang around with on the weekends. The college going woman of today wants to be left alone, mostly by their mothers. Her other wants range from a fancy car to drive to college, a no limits ATM account, no questions asked on who she is with or where and  parents to mind their own business.

The Working woman or the Diva phaseThe most exciting phase of life for the earlier day’s woman was this phase.  She wanted to buy stuff for her mother, her younger siblings, her father and her teacher at school with her first pay cheque. She wanted to manage on her own in the town bus. She wanted to find out what it was like to be independent. Today’s’ Diva has  already spent her first pay in the anticipation of it coming at month end, on friends birthdays, shoes, bags and absolutely necessary makeup. She wants to back pack travel with a few of her favorite people. She wants to experiment with new choices in life and to be admired and praised for the choices she dared to make, even if some have gone grossly wrong. She wants mature, handsome, single men as colleagues and wants nothing to do with married losers even if she herself is one.

The Stay at home woman- Just because she is at home does not make her any less of a diva than the working woman even though her wants are different from that of a corporate woman’s wants. The stay at home woman wants an organized house, time to workout,  blog,  surf and to watch reruns of her favorite talk shows on YouTube. From her husband she wants no questions on monthly expenses at home; to give her opinions on everything that concerns them and if it is possible to be listened to and not just heard. From kids she wants empty lunch boxes, cleaner uniforms at the end of school day, shoes in racks and completed homework; from her in laws she wants praise for all work done and how efficiently.

The Retired woman- When the corporate or stay at home woman gracefully moves into this phase at the twilight days of her life, her wants change. This woman wants time with her busy children who want nothing to do with what she wants; she continues to want to be praised; to be asked for her wise advice on things that do not concern her, uninterrupted television serial time which she earns in the form her own portable television set in her room.

So what phase are you in?

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A tribute to my dad on Fathers day 2010.

For every thing you taught me, dad, I will always be indebted.
For everything you bought for me, dad, I will always be thankful.
For every time you indulged me, dad, I will always feel secure.
For every occasion that you were present, dad, I will forever be grateful.
Every little thing I learnt from you , dad, I will always treasure.


I miss you, dad…
when I make dishes you would have enjoyed
when there are cricket matches being played
when I dry or fold clothes and remember how you would always insist on doing them
when I run out of ideas of what to cook when you would have stepped right in and helped
when I use less oil in dishes when you would have liked more
when there is soft fresh bread, I know how much you enjoyed them with dollops of butter
when I open the newspaper in the mornings and find no crime reports and know how safe you would have felt
when I grate coconuts because you taught me how it is done
when I wash the whites because I know how much you loved to use ‘blue’
when I teach my daughter how to tie her shoe laces, ‘cos you taught me how it was done
when I iron her uniform and remember how you would iron mine
when I polish her shoes and remember how my shoes always shone because you polished them
when I see children learning to cycle, because you taught me how to
when we celebrate festivals because you were a big part of all of mine
when I blog about the things you did for me that it makes me cry

I am glad that you did not have to suffer much and be in pain when you got sick. I only hope and pray that I am made of the same good gene that made you so resilient,bighearted and liberal.

Love you daddy.

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