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No more excuses

No more excuses!I have been putting off getting back to my fitness regime for a year now. A year back, I was a regular at the gym even if it meant only going thrice a week. A year back my world turned upside down. Or that is how it seemed. Or at least that is how I would like to explain my lack of regular exercise. First daddy fell sick in June last year. Then he passed away in July. To get done with the ceremonies took till August. Then mom came to stay with me. We talked about Dad and getting over the grief of his death took till October.Then there was this news about our relocation that came out at the end of October. Where was the time to exercise when there was so much to do before the relocation? Then out of the blue came this wonderful opporunity in December to get back to full time training. When training , you anyway pace the classroom and drink a lot of water. So I gave myself brownie points for having got some sort of work out done.Training kept me busy till February. March was end of year exams at school. When you are busy with revisions, you feel guilty to be thinking about fitness regimens. Then there was so many places to visit, so many people to say goodbye to. There was loads of time after relocation that I could exercise and catch up.

After the relocation was this “to die” for vacation at Italy. At Italy there was was wine with every dinner. And every dinner finished with dessert. When we got back there was always loads of time to get back to working out. Not in the first few weeks when you are busy setting up the house and getting used to the new place. When the kitchen was not yet set how could I cook at home? There were so many new restaurants to try out. The new place had ice creams that were so different from what we got back home. The new house was equipped with a state of the art oven and I had always wanted to bake. Baking meant cheese and vegetables. Till I learnt to bake a home made pound cake there was only Betty Crocker and the best of her flavors is the devilish chocolate brownie. There was a gym at the condo and I could always go when I was ready.

Ready I was not.

Not till I realized that my well fitting clothes looked like they were filling up to the seams, when anything other than black made me look huger than I was, when the mere attempt of squatting beat the breath out of my lungs, when climbing stairways seemed like punishment, when the signs of an impending birthday spelt like doom.

No more excuses. I gave decided to get back to my old fitness levels. Took the first step today. Here is to my fit old self.


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