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Engineered patch up

What do you do when …..

…..your child is unable to remain friends with classmates just because someone asked them not to?
…..your child confides in you that she knows who this person is that is spoiling her chances of being friends?
…..the teacher whom you thought would be the person to solve this issue for your little one, does little to help?
…..challenges like these affects your child’s perception of the school, the city and mankind at large?
……it starts to affect the way she performs at school?


I engineered a patch up. I conceived a devious plan of inviting the perpetrator of the trouble in class to spend quality time with my child at our home, spending time rummaging her DVDs to find a movie to watch,splashing away in the pool while playing Truth or Dare, enjoying a specially ordered just- for- the- two delicious pizza. No one else was invited. I am hoping that the patch up plan worked. Only when school begins on Monday, we will know.


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