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yoyoginiIf you have been to yoga classes, you probably hear similar instructions from your teacher as well..

Peel the flesh off your sitting bones, sit with the spine straight, imagine a thread pulling you from the crown of your head towards the?? ceiling. Relax your shoulders. Breath into your abdominal space.Take a moment to bring your awareness to the room, your surroundings, the way your feet feel against the floor. Stretch your arms up high without lifting your shoulders. Look at one spot on the floor or anywhere in front of you to help you balance. Bring your hands to your heart center Hold your gaze on the center finger of your right hand- your dhrishti. Stretch your arms parallel to the floor. Reach towards the front wall. Slide your shoulder parallel to the floor, make sure your knee is above the toes.?? Keep your feet hip distance apart. Your hands are shoulder distance apart. Push yourself up with your sitting bones towards the ceiling, stand on your toes and send your stomach towards the thighs. Continue to breathe. Feel the stretch on your lower back. Lengthen your spine. Make sure you are balanced on both sides of your body. Hinge forward from your hip so that your spine stays parallel to the ground. Keep your legs straight and lean your body toward the left side without your right foot leaving the floor. Shift the weight of the body to the front without scrunching your toes.?? Relax your face and jaw.. Continue to breathe.. Bring your awareness to the breath. Clasp your fingers and hold the palms together, Gently open your eyes, take a deep breath through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth. One more time…


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