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It is no child’s play

Childhood is a beautiful phase…when you are the child. As a parent, you realize that Childhood is not just one phase. There are several phases in childhood. Every phase is marked clearly, with boundary lines, like the proverbial clouds. And no, they aren’t always silver. I can tell you from experience that until it lasts, you cannot be a judge of which phase of childhood was the best…. or the worst. I am warned that bigger challenges await me as my child grows older, wiser …and more arrogant.

The phase between helplessly waiting to be carried around as a new born, to toddling about in the confines of the house with a vocabulary of regurgitated sounds that are heard as words only by parents, is delightful, if you discount the number of diaper changes and night feeds. Every milestone met is celebrated and makes headlines.


The next phase  when the toddler actually begins to mime body language of the adults at home and begins to build a decent vocabulary from which the why questions begin to form is adorable. As a parent you wait to amaze the child with your limited knowledge of various subjects. If the child is toilet trained by now, it is like an unexpected bonus at work.

Then dreaded school phase begins. I use dread in context of the child. It takes time for the child to outgrow the weepy I don’t want to go and why me mornings. By the 12th year, the weepy why me mornings become the prerogative of the parents. The home assignments begin innocently as worksheets of standing lines and sleeping lines to fill up to working out compound interest in just 12 years. By now, school becomes a dreadful thought …to parents.

Mind you, it is not the academics alone that makes this phase of childhood- the one that I am living-  the worst so far.


It is the – who is she hanging around withFrom where did she learn that? What does she want next? I hope she didn’t see that! oh- she- knows- brands! When is all this going to end?!  that really nails you.

You evolve from this smart, knowledgeable, lovable person to this ginormous, ignorant old witch at home- in a short span of 10 years.

I hope to update this blog post, if I live to tell the tale.


One thought on “It is no child’s play

  1. Gotta love those graphics 🙂 Raising a son has a totally different set of challenges too – they seem to switch from a child to adult almost over night

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