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My 2011 Twitter timeline summary

ImageIt is that time of the year again. To scroll back to 12 months of what I tweeted about to make this summary, was effort intensive. I loved it though! So here you go, if you don’t follow me on twitter, here are reasons why you should 🙂

January –  Big salad lunches, big on new artist music, rainy days in Singapore, discovered Aglio olio, King’s speech(movie), Booher’s rules of Grammar(Book), updated iPad iOS, two sad news of death, Nora Ephron (book), Denzel Washington in Unstoppable(movie), Pizza dinners, Manmadan Ambu(movie), glorious weather, Statins for Cholesterol for GSR, new friends on Twitter, Akank’s first composition, Enchanted meadows, high calorie food tech left overs from school, data management with mock share market in Math, iPhone fiasco, IKEA, radio, girlie secrets, hunger banquet at school, Ma’s first time on Twitter, 50th anniversary celebrations at company, The Three waiters from Australia, first time at MBS, 7 minute meetings at school, wines, back to school, spa treatments, resumed yoga, disappointing cancelation of Akon concert, Ma’s new Toshiba laptop, Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas in Once Upon a Time in Mexico(movie).

February – John Joseph’s  Brain seminar at school, salads for lunch, plenty of walks, library books, Sheena Iyengar,  foot massages, The Adjustment Bureau(movie), Aston Kutcher in No Strings attached(movie), dog license,  spa treatments, 127 hours(movie), listening to new music artists, Grammy awards, Black Swan(movie), music on radio, more salads, more baking, regular at Yoga, Chinese New year, movies at weekends, The Last Air-bender(movie), Seven Pounds(movie), The Social Network(movie), Nicholas Cage in the Season of the Witch(movie).

March –  Met Shoba De, Mukul Deva  and Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan  at the author’s meet, Akank and Maxx in the Pet Corner of the dailies, Child worker day at school, beginning of ankle pain, notes on the 3rd string in guitar lessons, tremors in Manila when hubby is visiting, AR Rahman concert- Live!,  Akank at Universal Studios, 30% brighter moon, The Lion King Musical live!, new BFF, bake sale, restarted guitar classes,  salads at lunch, blog updates, dragon boating at Kallang, baking, movies on telly, Sean Penn in I am Sam(movie).

April  –  Maxx’s birthday, Library visits, books, Driving Miss Daisy(movie), Akank’s booster shots, hair care, Justin Bieber- live, Chanting the Daimoku, Rio(movie), last term at school, guitar lessons, Flip camera closure, cheeky tween sayings, new Crocs, resumed Yoga, more Cricket, resolving friendship issues at school, American Idol, Dairy of a Wimpy kid(movie), Ankle pain, baking, WorldCup cricket, holiday at KL.

May –  Visitors from India, new learning’s as mother of a tween, no help period, ankle tendonitis, walk with Maxx, Maxx’s first birthday invite, first day at school for Maxx, Russell Crowe in State of Play(movie),  Reproduction as lesson in science, hot summer days, new tween vocabulary, play dates, 20-20 cricket matches, Akank traveling alone.

June – Nimbuzz, Kung Fu Panda 2(movie), HBO Movies, Dale Carnegie, baking, music, the five minute chocolate cake, Pirates of the Caribbean(movie), first dental visit for Akank,Christchurch earthquake when hubby visits (2nd Earthquake experience for him), Fathers day, end of school year,  Maxx’s hotspots, Flu,  HangOver2(movie).

July – Kuppam, Dad’s anniversary, ZNMD(movie) with friends, climbing Tirumala hills, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Stanley Ka Dubba(movie), DelhiBelly(movie), Vellore, Packing for holiday, Summer vacation, Ma’s birthday,  42nd birthday, ClubMed Bintan.

August– Zoho Anniversary, our wedding anniversary, RunKeeper logs, New President for Singapore, step up speed of internet, blogging, ma’s first facial treatment in 66years, Arun’s birthday, Gokulashtami, Akank’s new MacBook Pro, Akank’s birthday, Big Bang Theory mania, 3rd Twitter birthday, Maxx’s tail accident, Resumed guitar class, Jiya’s mom passes away, brand new school year, Kemin get together- Zookeeper(movie), Boston earthquake when hubby is visiting- his third experience, Neelesh Misra, Mooncakes, resumed workouts, last week of vacation.

September – Photography workshop, Queenbees Wannabees(Book), Workshop on Emotional Freedom Techniques, plumbing woes, Isha Kriya, baking, Maxx’s mouth infection, Gtalk app on iPad, an evening with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev , epic fight on twitter, walks, TEDtalks, Maxx’s eye infection, Payanam(movie), Maxx’s wound dressing trips to vet, NLB’s Drop everything and Read, Niyati anniversary.

October – Diwali, RaOne(movie), ma’s sprained ankle, Shankar Tucker, TEDtalks, Flu, Living in Singapore workshop, learning conversations talk, Navaratri, Adnan Samy, Isha Kriya, FDW woes, Friends with benefits(movie), Steve Jobs, Taylor Mali and spoken word poetry,  volunteering at school library.

November – Christmas décor, Molly Hopkins(book), Jeff Abbot(Book), Elton John, World Orchid Convention, School PTA, Tintin(movie), guitar lessons, StanChart goof up, Thailand floods, baking.

December – Mandarin Oranges, Scrabble, videos on You Tube, Margin Call (movie), Drive (movie), Oats, Cabaret at Orchard Central, Hanuman Jayanti, MI:4 (movie), FDW old and new, Akank’s flu, End of term at school, Jerusalem essay, School choir, inaugural, Walking Maxx, Venus Conspiracy (Book), Singapore rains, Akank’s surgery, iSlash, Linda Kelsey’s The 20 year Itch(Book), Don- 2(movie), school vacations, Sherlock Holmes(movie).


2 thoughts on “My 2011 Twitter timeline summary

  1. Was following Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan’s blog for a while then lost track… What abt Adnan Samy? You met him? I still refuse to believe that he has shed so much weight!

  2. Unbelievable right! I meant Adnan Samy’s weight loss. I admire the man for his determination and willpower. And what a great voice too! I did not meet him Vidya. Saw him perform on stage.

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