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Emotional rollercoaster walk

A few weeks back, on a beautiful February morning, I was walking Maxx on a familiar route. I happened upon three different situations which made me go from being angry to sad to being happy. The blog idea was born that day. It was a post waiting to be written! Join me on that morning’s journey.

Maxx loves to meet more of his kind on our morning walks. He eagerly looks forward to meeting new dogs, with new smells from new territories. That morning, we saw another walker with her pet heading towards the pedestrian crossing that was already green for people wanting to cross. The early morning traffic was quiet and not many vehicles were on the road yet. The other dog, slowed his walker down because he wanted to say hello to Maxx who had already stopped on his tracks to greet the canine. However, the human, seemed more keen to make it to the other side of the road before the lights turned red again and rushed forward. The dogs leash caught under his body and legs and he fell and turned a full 360 degrees before he scrambled up on his feet and rushed across the road behind his owner, while throwing furtive glances over his shoulders at Maxx. Maxx was left looking at the dog without a sniff of a chance. This made me angry. Angry with the pet owner who didn’t allow her dog to socialize with Maxx and instead rushed him across the road without even a glance at the poor chap who did an awesome acrobatic maneuver to keep pace with his owner.

As we continued our walk, I spotted a host of sparrows, merrily chirping and hopping about, pecking at each other, at the grain or whatever they found on the ground. I was immediately filled with a sense of loss and missed my dad incredibly. Daddy would always feed the sparrows. When my brother and I were little, it was a trick that he kept up his sleeve to impress us.  He would get a bowl of grain and scatter it on the ground and sat patiently for the sparrows to show up. And they always did, much to our delight. He continued to impress his grand kids who watched him in awe. I imagined then, that daddy was perhaps there in that host of sparrows that morning, keeping a watch over us. I imagined him to be happy with his family of sparrows.

We were nearing the end of our walk. That penultimate stretch of our morning walk, has a few ongoing constructions. At that time of the morning, we always spot mini truck loads of construction workers coming in to work, with their lunches packed, their work overalls or a newspaper in hand. One of them was wearing a tee shirt that day which made me forget the anger of that morning, the nostalgia of the loss. I could not help but smile to myself and chuckle under my breath. There it said in big black letters, ‘ Same shit. Different day.’ I nodded to myself in agreement, even though I was doubtful if the wearer of the tee shirt himself realized the succinct irony of it all!

Have you experienced such changing emotions in a span of an hour? Share your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Emotional rollercoaster walk

  1. Thank you Kalpana! I am humbled by the compliment. I love writing and I constantly strive to write better. I owe it to my alma mater!

  2. Well written and thoughtful blog. I cannot think of any other words to add. There is always a sense of mysteries connection, and we all are interconnected and inter-related

  3. If only Maxx could write! Wonder what he would have had to say about the other pet owner. Enjoyed the ride Arthi.

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