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Vacation at Bali

Come July and we are looking  for a new place in the South East of Asia to go for a short vacation. Both Ramesh and I grow a year older in the first week of this wonderful month ( Allow me my prejudice) and we live it up to hail the new year that begins. Our last July trip was to Bintan. This year we chose Bali.

As always, my blogs are notes of my vacation schedule, with details of what I saw, ate, learnt and experienced. The object of this blog post is to help me relive the vacation some time later and excite you into wanting to travel to these amazing places and experience all that I have. So, belt up and enjoy the ride!

The flight took a little over 2 hours and gave me just enough time to watch Man on the Ledge and eat a Asian veggie meal. The landing was not as smooth as the take off but we touched base at Denpasar International Airport just 5 minutes behind schedule. Indonesia issues visa on arrival and promptly did when we arrived and within minutes we had cleared the queue at customs and were met by our guide for the next four days, Wira.

Wira greeted us warmly and offered to pick our suitcases and led us away into the melee at the airport, of hundreds of tourists arriving and leaving Bali. The Diahatsu Luxio which Wira’s accomplice drove was waiting for us at the curb and we hauled our one and a half pieces of baggage and ourselves into it and were on our way to  the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa.

Wira in his polite Indonesian accent informed us of our schedule for the next three days and how he was flexible if we need to take it easy. We asked him random questions about Bali and he kept us engaged in conversation. We gathered that there were 4 million people in Bali, of which not more than 2 million of them were Balinese,  in all 5600sqkms of the country which was a little over 8 times the size of Singapore!

At the end of the half hour drive from the airport during which Wira covered every subject possible from Hindus at Bali, to temples for The Trinity, music, culture, food, language , we reached the beautiful Nusa Dua resort. We had to pass heavily guarded gates and armed guards and security to enter this part of Bali. Wira mentioned that Nusa Dua has the most premium resorts and the security has been pepped up since the 2002 Kuta blasts

This was the ceiling of the Master bedroom.

The front office staff at the resort handed us aromatic cold towels ( Jasmine or Moringa) that immediately revived our senses. A freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice that tasted divine followed and after a brief ten minutes, we were checked into our room.

The view from the balcony of our allotted room at the resort.

A beautiful two room  fourth floor accommodation, with quaint balconies in each room, a bunker in one just like Akank dreamed of  and traditional Balinese decor. Multi coloured bougainvillea flowers lined the balcony and we could see the the blue expanse of the Indian ocean.

Soon after we had unpacked, we left to explore the Nusa Dua resort and spa. The afternoon was breezy and the wind made the ocean look even more blue. We spent a lot of time walking up to the beach front.

We came back to the room to freshen up and went for an early dinner. We had Balinese vegetarian food for dinner. A mixed vegetable in red curry and a mixed vegetable sate with red and white rice. The dessert we ordered was another something I really enjoyed, It was called Cendol Manis . Rice dumplings in palm sugar, jackfruit and coconut milk. Exquisite.

More on what we did the next day in my next post!


2 thoughts on “Vacation at Bali

  1. Someday when you get back to India and we find a Thai restaurant, let me treat you to Cendol Manis! ( Pron-ChendolMaanis)

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