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You are an apple, she said – Journey to a fitter me.


I thought she meant my complexion, but before I could clarify she added, “Not a great shape to be in considering all the fat in your body is around the belly”. That shut me up.

You have seen tall, lanky girls without an ounce of extra flesh around their bones. I was never one of them. My mother tells me that the fat around my belly has always been there and for 30 odd years of my life I believed her.  In fact, she even chose tailors who could stitch my frocks with a lower waist line so that my belly didn’t lift up the hemline. But I am digressing.

The first meeting with my coach began on that note. She made no bones about how unfit and out of shape I was. For someone who thought she was eating healthy and was doing her bit to stay fit, it was difficult to digest the feedback. You see, I have had gym memberships for over ten years and have regularly used treadmills and elliptical machines. I am knowledgeable about food and nutrition (thanks to my post graduate program) but never really believed that I needed a diet. Only fat people needed diets. I was not obese only bordering on the overweight category, still.  I was already eating healthy, (or so I assumed) and told her as much. She smiled benevolently at me and nodded as if to say, ‘yeah right I have heard that before’. Yet, I did not want to appear like I knew it all, so I asked her if she could help me get back to shape….or lose it as the case may be.

She told me that she had no magical solutions to offer and only common sense to share. She even gave me the option of thinking about it and then letting her know if I wanted to sign up. It was end of the school year, I was due to go back home for the break with the family. I promised to come back from the holiday and making up my mind.

I was still in denial that there was anything seriously so worrying about my weight that I needed a personal coach like I was some celebrity. If it was common sense that I had to have to lose weight, then I had lots of it and I wanted to give it a shot on my own. After all, that was the subject I had completed my masters in- Dietetics- and who but me should know better?  So I got back from my holiday in India (albeit with a few extra kilos gained) and got serious about my fitness program. The one I said I will plan for myself using my common sense.

It was short lived. Not the common sense, but the effort to chalk my own journey to a newer fitter me.

Do you have a story to share about your fitness journey? I would love to know if you do! Come on let us swap stories!

My third post in this journey is here


3 thoughts on “You are an apple, she said – Journey to a fitter me.

  1. The 2nd part was a lot better than the earlier one as it captured your thoughts in an “as is where is” condition. But going off tangent, deliberately albeit, as you mentioned the topic of food and related issues like dietetics, nutrition and, all or most of them, having no bearing on your ability to help you reduce weight and help you “look” better, its time you start “blogging” about this too. Accepting hard truth in a public forum is difficult, but you made it look just that easy. Way to go Arthi, it seems to be getting better and better

  2. The Apple opening brought a smile to my face. Looking forward to remaining part – its turning out to be a pot boiler !!

  3. To be honest, I was always a size 10 UK. until I reached 48 years old then well, you know, the change of life began.. I went from size 10 to 16 within 3 years and never could shake it off for long. I visit India often and so would lose some of the weight for a time, but on coming home, regained it back almost immediately… I eat most fruit now.. I do have an apple every day.. I love them.. I make smoothies but they do give me the runs… ugh! – In the end and at my age, I accepted that I will never be thin again… Being thin would mean a very thin face, that would not suit me at all.. So I eat well and I eat right. I do advise people to get a bike to ride, or to take up serious exercise for at least two hours a week. Nothing else can be done.. You are what you are… fondly eve

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