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Lessons from The Bhagawad Gita

Brahmacharini Vishakaji, of the Chinmaya Seva Centre, Singapore,  said that this may very well be the backbone of the Karmayoga chapter of the Gita. The verse is not an advice; it is a promise of an experience for the ignorant. This is also the first verse of my initiation into the study and  understanding of the lessons from the Bhagawad Gita.

My key take away from today’s lesson:

Mayi sarvaani karmaani sannyasyaadhyaatma chetasaa;
Niraasheer nirmamo bhootwaa yudhyaswa vigatajwarah.

1) I have to stop worrying about how I am being perceived by others, what other people think of my life, my contribution at work and home.

2) I have to teach myself to be centered on the Self (the supreme being) and not self centered.

3) I must never shy away and be afraid of the concept of Sanyas. Sanyas is not about renouncing alone. Sanyas is two fold- renouncing something lower to attain a higher state of being. It is about giving up old attitudes and embracing new ones, it is about being altruistic and giving up being selfish, it is about renouncing the old clutter of emotions, giving up the petty “I , Me, Myself” spirit.

4) I must let neither ego nor hope cloud my vision of the present. For, ego arises from the successes of the past and hope thrives on the expectations from the future.

5) I will not ask for validation of my self worth from my family, friends and the society. I will not hand over that responsibility to the others to tell me what I am worth. I will investigate the motive behind every action I take. Am I constantly begging for validation of my sense of worth?

Like Lord Krishna says in this verse, I, the ignorant, have to learn to dedicate the laurels I have achieved, the appreciation that I have won, the work I have completed to the Supreme being, by being constantly aware that I am capable of doing all this and more only because He is with me, watching over me and guiding me in my actions. I have to remember not to let the actions of my past or my expectations from the future, distract me from living in the present.

I have to live my life without anxiety, fear of failure , judgement or validation of my sense of self worth.


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