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Lessons from The Bhagawad Gita : On Understanding Divinity


The ‘Gnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga‘ (Chapter 4 of The Bhagawad Gita) outlines the God principle. Whenever dharma (righteousness) fails and corrupt practices take over, we have depended on a manifestation of divinity (an avatar of God) to interfere, to prune out the negativity and bring about harmony and cosmic equilibrium in the Universe.

In the exact same way, there comes a time in each of our lives when we realize that we have lived our lives on our own terms and may not be necessarily proud of the quality of life that we have created for ourselves. For some of us, our spiritual journey begins then- when we want to set right our priorities, our goals and seek to do something more meaningful with the rest of our lives.

As I begin my spiritual journey, I naively believe that to be called a seeker, I have to understand the creator. I am easily carried away by any teaching that promises me ways to seek the creator. In my reductive capacity to understand, I will try and make sense of the God principle.


janma karma ca me divyam, evam yo vetti tattvatah
tyaktva deham punar janma, naiti mam eti so ‘rjuna

1) I have begun to realize that my search for divinity must start within me. If I don’t understand his creation (myself), what hopes can I nurture of understanding the

2) Divinity lies within me. Every little act of kindness I indulge in, every time I make someone feel blessed and happy, every opportunity I use to serve someone in need, is a gesture of divinity.

3) When I am engulfed in a sense of unworthiness, as I often do, I am clogging up my divinity and not letting it flow freely. I have to let myself experience the divinity
that I am capable of expressing.

4) I have to understand that there is only one divine being that is the karta (doer) of all actions and the karmaphala or the fruit of all the actions belong only to Him. When I recognize that I am not the doer (that I have only borrowed the life force to think and act like I do), I will stop wanting to be acknowledged for whatever I have done. Only when I have the maturity to accept that, I can hope to escape the cycle of birth to repeat after this life.

vita-raga-bhaya-krodha, man-maya mamupasritah
bahavo jnana-tapasa, puta mad-bhavamagatah

1) I humbly believe that there is a reason why I have been given life on Earth- to complete my karma.  How can I hope to meditate on the Lord if I am preoccupied with the unfinished karma haunting my thoughts?

2) For now, as I begin my spiritual journey to seek, to understand and appreciate the divinity within and around me, I commit to listen, reflect and absorb all teachings
that my Guru shares with me.

3) I will not judge anyone based on the path he/she chooses to seek the ultimate truth. I now know and appreciate that  the path each of us choose to reach the ultimate goal can be different and is not in any way lesser or inferior to the path I choose.

ye yatha mam prapadyante,tamstathaiva bhajamyaham
mama vartmanuvartante, manusyah partha sarvasah

1) My religion permits me to invoke the Creator in any form I choose.  So long as I am sincere in my effort, I have the freedom and the space to choose how I tread the path to spirituality.

2) I know that there is a spiritual path that will help me live a better quality of life, I am willing to find out more, through my Guru and the satsangs I attend.  Armed with what I find out, I hope that the newly learned principles will guide me to act and live a way of life that is worthy of the divinity in me.



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  1. i could not read all of the post due to eye strain. I need new glasses.. I liked what i did read and your blog set up is very nice indeed. eve

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