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Lessons from The Bhagawad Gita: The power of the Trigunas


kanksantah karmanam siddhim, yajanta iha devatah

ksipram hi manuse loke, siddhir bhavati karma-ja

1) I know that when I invoke the Creator sincerely, I will experience divine interference. Yet, I am so caught up in pleasures that give me instant gratification. I am involved in actions that drive me away from divinity.

2) I give in to my sensual pleasures that satisfy my ego, I make no time for spiritual understanding. The eternal bliss through spiritual invocation seems so implausible, imagined and futuristic compared to the pleasure that material comforts give me today.

3) I am an evolved being, different from the rest of the animal kingdom. I am capable of thinking from a higher realm of my mind. I have to be more introspective and not look for opportunities and situations that enrich my senses and leave me impoverished spiritually.


catur-varnyam maya srstam, guna-karma-vibhagasah
tasya kartaram api mam, viddhy akartaram avyayam

1) My temperament and innate tendencies depend entirely on the texture of my thoughts (Gunas). The ratio of the trigunasSattva- Rajas- Tamas– is what drives the actions (karma) that I get involved in.

2) When I reflect on which of the trigunas have been the primary driving force of all my past actions, I realize that there has been a constant competition for superiority among the trigunas within me and Sattva has not always won. I aspire to be more satvic in my actions and way of life here on.

2) So far, most of my actions have been driven essentially by two of the lower gunas – Rajas and Tamas, Passion and indolence. I am at that stage in life where I am reflecting on deeds and past actions and understand that I have the power to change the default ratios of the trigunas that make me who I am.

As Brahmacharini Vishaka ji beautifully concluded with this shloka:

janmanaajayathay shoodraha, karmanaajaayathay dvijaha

I have the power to control my gunas and the freedom to choose my actions, even though the texture of my thoughts (varnas) that made me who I was at birth, was not entirely my choice.



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